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The fight for racial justice and equality in the United States has been present for centuries, but the recent murders and abuse of Black Americans at the hands of police pushed the Black Lives Matter movement to the forefront of the world stage in and surrounding the summer of 2020. While the focus of many has since shifted towards breakthroughs in COVID-19 research, the United States presidential election, and a worsening climate crisis, the fight for justice and the promise of equality is still a struggle for people of color across the world.


For this reason, PUNKR for Change is providing resources to make it easier for all of us to donate, educate, and demonstrate for Indigenous Women.


Donating is a great way to help support particular organizations and causes. Making sure a movement is properly funded gives us the resources to make our voices heard on a larger scale and create widespread awareness for issues in our society.

Below you can find links to donate towards Legal Defense and Bail Funds, Community Organizations, and Political Organizations associated with the Black Lives Matter movement.


Educating yourself and those around you is an essential part of creating a successful movement. By educating yourself and those within a cause, you can not only have reliable information when you spread awareness to others, but you can stand up to defend a cause against those who may not want it to succeed in creating change.

Below you can find links to educate yourself and those around you in topics associated with the Black Lives Matter movement.


Arguably the most impactful way to support a movement, demonstration. Demonstration let's your local and national governments, media, and people in your community know that behind a movement are a people. However, demonstrating doesn't always mean marching to city hall or protesting to promote change. Demonstrating can mean buying from black businesses, supporting black creators, and incorporating meaningful change into your own life.

Below you can find links to resources, info, and tools to help yourself and those around you demonstrate that Black Lives Matter.

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