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Here at PUNKR, we care about the people we meet and the planet we live on, which is why on our Home page you'll find a section titled "PUNKR For Change." That section will bring you to a page dedicated to bringing awareness to different issues or promoting causes that embody PUNKR at our core and call for change to make this world a better place. PUNKR For Change is where you'll find different organizations, movements, or people that show us all how we can continue being different, together,

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 Originally from Charlotte, NC, we first met Alex in Orlando. Alex is a DJ who likes Electronic Music and lasers.

Instagram: @djalexanderjohn

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Chance Efird

Chance has a background in Show Production and has always had an interest in design, which is why he's one of PUNKR's Graphic Designers. He also oversees the creation and editing of video content for PUNKR.

Instagram: @chancrchancr

Twitter: @chancrchancr


Georgia Hutton

Georgia has a background in Music Business and has always dreamed of being an entrepreneur. She has a passion for music and believes that everyone deserves a safe space to feel welcomed in. Georgia has always loved fashion and is very excited to start the PUNKR Family.

Instagram: @georgiapeach555


Matthew Ficocelli

Matt has a background in Music Production and design. He's a Designer and a Creative Consultant for PUNKR. 

Instagram: @matthewficocelli

~ Welcome to the PUNKR Family ~

Hello! Welcome to PUNKR. We strive to create a welcoming environment for everyone. At PUNKR, we don't believe in customers, we believe in family. We want to be more than a brand, we want to be a community where creativity and kindness towards others are what matter most.


PUNKR was created in January of 2019. Since then, the PUNKR team has been hard at work creating what you see here today. PUNKR loves everyone for who they are and what they aspire to be.

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